Rob Goossens admits: You probably didn’t notice this in De Verraders |  RTL Street

Rob Goossens admits: You probably didn’t notice this in De Verraders | RTL Street

So-called “recapitulation”, where show candidates relive certain events on camera, is becoming increasingly common in the world of television. But how exactly does this work? When and where are these prices recorded? Rob Goossens (33) and Luke Ikink (41) discuss this in the latest episode of “The BLVD Podcast.”

“It was a construction site set apart from the rest.”

According to Locke, the origin of the quote originated with Expedition Robinson. “There was a kind of retreat room where you could sit and confess,” he says. It is now normal on most programs for candidates to tell the camera a few quotes between scenes. “It’s a very good way to show that this is something you should pay extra attention to,” Rob explains about the use of this by manufacturers.

This phenomenon is mainly used in reality shows, and is a smart way to manage such an unguided program. “It’s actually about the ability of production to control this reality,” Locke concludes. Although things still get worse.

During his participation in… Traitors He also had to provide quotes himself and explain how it worked. “They made sure everyone went to confession at least once a day.” Because in a program like Traitors No one is allowed to know if you are a traitor or a loyalist, it was important that this area be well protected. “It was a kind of construction site that was very far away from the rest.” According to Robb, the candidates did not intend to walk there alone.

During the adaptation, Rob was not offered any parts, but was told the situation he had to respond to. “You just get questions about things that happened and they know what’s interesting.” Later, Rob says he could have gleaned information from the questions he was asked to find out the identity of the traitors.

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Rob Goossens in confessional at De Verraders

Furthermore, Rob reveals that all quotes are always recorded post-recording. This meant that he sometimes had to pretend that a particular situation he had to talk about at that moment had not yet happened. “In fact, they say, ‘Speak in the present tense.’ It’s not meant to make you feel like you’re speaking retrospectively.”

Sometimes the viewer can tell from the photos whether the quote was recorded on the same day as the event. “If you look closely, you see that they forgot to ask things (…) and then you see that the clothes change.”

It’s not necessarily easy for candidates to quote correctly, but production often knows exactly the answer they want to hear from candidates. Going forward, viewers will likely learn more about this through this information provided by Rob and Luke.

You can listen to the BLVD Podcast below:

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