Train these muscle groups together

Train these muscle groups together

Exercising is healthy, a nice hobby, and it makes you happier and not just because you feel more energetic. Exercise also offers all kinds of mental benefits. But what if you’re just starting out with strength training, for example, which muscle groups are best to train together?

Many novice athletes walk into the gym like a headless chicken: squat there, biceps curl here, do a few sit-ups, and you’re done. But this is how you train your legs, arms and abs. A type of full-body exercise. Although there is nothing wrong with that, it is difficult to maintain if you exercise four times a week.

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Train these muscle groups together

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Never skip leg day.” This is also a muscle group that is best trained together. Personal trainer Gavin Walsh arrives late Men’s health Knowing that training two major muscle groups in the same workout is a big mistake in the gym. Prefer to divide your body into several smaller groups. Let’s say you go to the gym three times a week to do strength training, and then you train these muscle groups together:

  • Chest, shoulders and triceps
  • Back, biceps and abdominal muscles
  • Hamstrings, quadriceps (upper legs) and calves

By training muscle groups separately, you have a greater chance of building and repairing muscle. If you attach a schedule to it – for example with a personal trainer – the build will be faster.

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You can add another day of cardio to this, for example to take your fitness to a higher level. However, having a rest day every now and then is also important so your muscles can recover. Did you know that there is a lot of misunderstanding surrounding protein intake?

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