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After Apple released App Tracking Transparency, Google is pursuing a stricter application for opting out of personalized ads. From late 2021, the system will be deactivated in case of cancellation إلغاء Ad ID Ban a user from applications.

The current situation is that with opt out in the settings menu, the advertising ID can still be requested by Android apps and thus can be used relentlessly, This is how Ars Technica writes. Function Since 2013 in the mobile operating system. “If app makers followed the rules, this action by Google would not be necessary,” Ars says.

Google late on a supportpage Know that as of “late 2021”, the advertising ID will be changed to a string of zeros if someone chooses to. It will happen through the Play Services update and will start with Android 12 devices. “At the beginning of 2022,” this is supposed to extend to “Google Play-enabled devices,” almost all Android devices.

Apple came with iOS 14.5 with the version Application tracking transparency تتبع. Since then, every app has had to request explicit permission from the user to track their behavior and save it to an advertising profile. There is also an option in the system settings to decline all tracking requests in advance. Facebook and its daughter Instagram are certainly not happy with the arrival of the job: they are asking to sign up for accompanying note They help keep Facebook and Instagram free.

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