Rage the Machine cancels tour of Europe and the UK |  show

Rage the Machine cancels tour of Europe and the UK | show

Rage Against the Machine canceled their UK and European tour to allow frontman Zack de la Rocha more time to recover from an injury he sustained during a performance on July 11 this year.

In a statement, the band said they will continue to play shows on Friday 12th and Sunday 14th August in the US, but after that the band will take a break. For example, shows in Antwerp and Hanover were cancelled.

“The medical team decided it was best for Zac to take time to recover. For this reason, shows will not take place in the UK and Europe in August and September. We are very disappointed to announce this cancellation,” he added. for a full recovery.”

De la Rocha sustained a leg injury during a July performance. Since then he has been performing with the band sitting on a stool. In total, thirteen shows were cancelled, including at the Leeds Festival.

Watch videos of the show and entertainment below:

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