Preview |  Mortal Kombat 1

Preview | Mortal Kombat 1

Preview | Mortal Kombat 1 – It’s a great time for fighting game fans. After Street Fighter 6 earlier this year, Mortal Kombat 1 is now on the program and we can also expect Tekken 8 later on. Mortal Kombat 1 will be released soon and this game is a new beginning for the series. The story will not continue beyond Mortal Kombat 11, because Mortal Kombat 1 is the beginning of what they say is a new world. So we may expect more new parts based on this game in the future.

A new beginning, a new story

Since it’s the start of something new, all previous storylines have stopped, because this is now starting over. Different characters have been given new roles and this means that the relationships are completely different. It remains to be seen how the story will develop, but what we played at Gamescom was certainly interesting. For example, we visit an Asian tea house with Kung Lao and Raiden, where they decide to have a fight after eating.

It was very difficult and bloody, and although it was completely illogical in its context, it was entertaining. Not long after, the villains showed up on behalf of Lin Kuei, who still had some money to collect from the old lady who ran the place. This of course required trouble and so it turned into a fight between the former and Your Highness, who had come on behalf of the Lin Kuei. By completing this battle, the story continues, from which it can be concluded that Mortal Kombat 1 will maintain a free narrative structure, which, according to tradition, will lead to battles again and again.

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We’re thrown into the story somewhat abruptly with little context, so it remains to be seen how that will develop, but that will be in the review. We have already seen that the presentation is full of interest. The scenes are beautiful and manage to keep you constantly interested, and it’s clear that they captured the space to fit the content nicely and spaciously. Then we mean ridiculous situations, whether or not they are supplemented with humor and bizarre elements. Mortal Kombat stories have always been great in a good way and this game is no different.

New invasion mode

We were only able to play the story for fifteen minutes, and most of that time consisted of cutscenes. So unfortunately we can’t say much about that yet. We can tell you more about the Invasion mode, which we also managed to play. This is a completely new mode where you walk around an environment from a top-down perspective. At the very least, you can follow fixed routes where you move from one point to another and it’s up to you to face the challenge.

Most of the time, this is simply fighting a random character in a best of 3 set of battles. However, you will also encounter other challenges, such as mini-games to play or battles with some modifications that provide more challenge and variety. You walk from one point to another on a kind of grid and when you finish the challenge, you move on to the next point. Is there a particular challenge that isn’t working? Then you return to another intersection and perhaps follow a new route. So, you get some freedom here, although playing for just half an hour doesn’t seem like much.

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With this mode, you will get a completely different gaming experience. The game is not cinematic, but focuses more on gameplay. The ultimate goal is of course to reach the end point of the whole, as the challenge will continue to increase along the way. However, it also gives you something, for example you will earn money from battles and this will be useful for purchases in the in-game store for Conquest mode. Think about items that give you an advantage in battle. Basically, they are game modifiers that reduce the challenge a bit because you are, for example, resistant to fire, ice, or other forms of attacks.

Very useful, because if you can’t complete that fight, you have a way to lower the challenge a bit and stay ahead. As a result, a new path opens and you can explore the Invasion Mode path further. The mode itself is relatively compact in terms of design, but thanks to the many modifiers that can be applied to combat and additional activities, it seems to offer enough to keep you entertained on top of the traditional gameplay offered by the multiplayer and story. A great asset if you ask us.

Horrible job

What should not be left unmentioned is the visual presentation of the game. We previously hinted that the scenes are very entertaining, but they also look very good. At least as important as the presentation during the fight itself. It looks very sharp and the animation is really great. It wouldn’t be long before the game was released and we felt like the build we played at Gamescom was very solid and really finished. The attention to detail is sharp and the animation is truly gorgeous to watch, with the proverbial icing on the cake being the deaths of course. It’s a painful event over and over again, but that’s of course what sets Mortal Kombat apart.

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Then as for playing. This felt good and fluid. At a frame rate of 60fps (4K), it played great with perfect responsiveness. Combat is smooth, but not quite as smooth as Street Fighter 6, which makes it feel like a good foundation to understand. The challenging action, flexibility, summonable cameras and associated visual effects provide a very entertaining spectacle that looks more than excellent in terms of gameplay. But we expected no less from NetherRealm.

Preliminary conclusion

Mortal Kombat 1 is an excellent fighter in the making. In fact, the demo we were able to play at Gamescom looked pretty solid and finished. The visual presentation is excellent, the gameplay feels very relatable and familiar, and a fresh start to the story could really benefit the game. Invasion mode isn’t very special per se, but in the short time we played it it seemed like a welcome addition to the somewhat traditional modes you always encounter in this type of fighter. Based on less than an hour of gameplay, we’ve gained enough confidence in Mortal Kombat 1, which will be available starting September 19 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series

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