Prizes worth over €5,000 – it’s a crazy winning month at Bright

Prizes worth over €5,000 – it’s a crazy winning month at Bright

Our newsletters are back, we started a WhatsApp channel and Bright is now live. We celebrate this by offering prizes worth over €5,000 for you to win. Make your move!

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How can you win one of these prizes?

Download the Bright app (the Android version will follow as soon as possible, and you can still participate)

Subscribe to one of the Bright Newsletters

Follow us WhatsApp channel (Don’t forget 🔔)

Subscribe with us YouTube channel (And turn on 🔔)

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in Fill out this form.

Although the Bright app for Android is not yet available, you, as an Android user, can of course compete for prizes.

They want to win:

Lego Pac-Man Icons (twv 269,99)

Dahua monitor LM27-E230C (twv 349)

Dahua monitor DHI-LM27-B201S (twv 129)

Bird Buddy videovogelhuisje ($199)

Fresh & Rebel Twins Rise Earphones (twv 89,99)

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2 (twv 39,99)

Mujjo Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 15 Pro Max (twv 69) Tan

JBL Charge 5 Wi-Fi (twv 242.99)

JBL SoundGear Sense (twv 144.99) 2x

Logitech Combo Touch for iPad 10e gen + Crayon (twv 269,98)

Rod Rodcaster Duo (twv 649)

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Logitech innovators blue sona (twv 349)

JBL Tour One M2 (twv 266.99)

Dunrock Bubble Earbuds (twv 89,00) 5x

Jabra elite 10 earbuds (twv 249,99)

Jabra elite 8 active earbuds (twv 199.99)

Blink Mini Smart Cam (TWV 34.99)

Anker metaquest 2 charger stand (twv 100)

Glaptalk go microphone (twv 69.99)

UrbMob Kick & Go Legal Cyber ​​Move (twv 599)

Sennheiser profile usb microphone broadcast kit (twv 199)

Nest Hub 2gen (twv 99,99)

Nest Audio (twv 99,99)

Nest Cam with Spotlight (twv 299.99)

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