Political big guns clash for the US presidency – tomorrow is an important event

Political big guns clash for the US presidency – tomorrow is an important event

To participate in the second presidential debate, the Republican Party must receive at least 50,000 donors in 20 US states and receive a 3% approval rating in two national polls or one national poll. A crucial state poll for the election. .

Only one Republican presidential candidate who participated in the first debate dropped out of the second debate: Asa Hutchinson Former Governor of Arkansas.

He did not even appear in the first debate Perry JohnsauMy businessman, Will Hurt Former Texas Rep Larry Elder, Radio personality and Francis Suarez, Florida mayor. Suresh also withdrew his nomination.

The list of participants in the second round is as follows:

  • Doug BurgumGovernor of North Dakota,
  • Chris Christie Former Governor of New Jersey,
  • Ron DeSantisFlorida Governor,
  • Nikki HaleyFormer Ambassador to the United Nations and Governor of South Carolina,
  • Mike Pence, Former Vice President
  • Vivek RamasamyBiotech entrepreneurs,
  • And Tim Scott Senator from South Carolina.

Donald Trump, the most likely Republican presidential nominee according to most polls, will not attend the event by his own decision.

Presidential debates are important because they can significantly influence public opinion and convey important campaign messages to voters. After a successful debate, even a candidate who did not have a chance for the presidency before the debate can gain national recognition.

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