Peru declares a state of medical emergency due to the rapid spread of the dengue virus

Peru declares a state of medical emergency due to the rapid spread of the dengue virus

A heat wave and heavy rains have led to a severe outbreak of dengue fever in Peru. This was reported by international news agencies on Tuesday. Therefore, the Peruvian government declared a state of medical emergency in 22 of the 25 regions of the South American country. Peru's health minister said that more than 31,300 people have been infected so far this year with the dengue virus and 32 people have died.

Last year saw the largest dengue outbreak ever in Peru: a total of 269,216 people were infected and 428 died. This year, more people became infected and died faster in the first weeks than last year, and thus a health policy emergency was declared. Most people became infected in northern Peru, where hospitals are already overwhelmed. Health care providers have received more resources from the Peruvian government to combat the dengue virus.

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Dengue virus, also called dengue fever, is usually not fatal, but without treatment complications can be life-threatening. Complaints suffered by those affected include high temperature (up to 41 degrees), vomiting, coughing fits and severe headaches. Dengue fever is a viral disease transmitted by mosquitoes from tropical (subtropical) regions.

Mosquitoes that carry the virus reproduce faster due to high temperatures and heavy rain. This El Niño climate phenomenon causes humid heat waves along the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of northern Peru.

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according to Pan American Health Organization People are being vaccinated in Peru, although it is not known what percentage are protected. Vaccination against dengue virus has been introduced in the Netherlands since last year. According to the GGD, vaccination will prevent 80 percent of infections and protect against serious complaints.

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