This is not something you should eat or drink if you care about your teeth

This is not something you should eat or drink if you care about your teeth

there Different foods And drinks that can be especially harmful to teeth. According to experts, there are two main things to consider when evaluating the impact of food and drink on dental health: composition and quality. Here is a list of the worst things for your teeth, based on information from the research results:

1. Sugary foods: Those containing sucrose (table sugar) are especially harmful because harmful bacteria in the mouth feed on the sugars and turn them into acids that can strip the teeth of minerals and cause tooth decay.

2. Sticky and chewy snacks: Such as gum, dried fruits, syrups and sweets can get stuck in the crevices of your teeth and cause prolonged exposure to sugar, which promotes tooth decay.

3. Soda: These drinks are not only high in sugar, but they are also acidic, which can damage tooth enamel.

4. Citrus fruits and their juices: Although they are nutritious, they contain acids that can erode tooth enamel.

5. Coffee: Depending on the added sugar, coffee can contribute to acid formation in the mouth.

6. Candy: Hard candy in particular can expose teeth to sugar for a long time.

7. Foods that contain starches: such as potatoes, potato chips, bread, and crackers can also be harmful to teeth because they can contribute to the buildup of food residue that promotes tooth decay.

8. Alcoholic beverages: They can inhibit saliva production, making it difficult for the body to remove debris that sticks to the teeth.

9. Acidic drinks: Such as energy drinks, some fruit juices, and milkshakes can also be harmful to tooth enamel

To prevent tooth decayIt is important to brush and floss your teeth regularly, and try to limit the number of times you eat or drink during the day to no more than six to seven times, because this may increase the risk of cavities.[4]. It is also recommended to drink water after eating or drink something sweet to eliminate sugars and to have regular dental checkups

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