Papuan students protest in front of horse statue and US embassy, ​​police warn 400 staff

Papuan students protest in front of horse statue and US embassy, ​​police warn 400 staff

Jakarta, – Alliance Papuan students On Friday (1/12/2023) a demonstration was held at the Arjuna Vivaha horse statue area and in front of the US Embassy (US Embassy).

Police officers closed Jalan Medan Merdeka Selatan from Jalan Ridwan Rise in Central Jakarta.

As a result, vehicles wishing to travel via Jalan Ridwan Rise are diverted to Gambir station.

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Central Jakarta Metro Police Chief Commissioner Susatyo Purnomo confirmed that there are measures to address the students’ aspirations.

“It is now Student demo Papua (at that location),” Susatyo said when confirmed on Friday.

According to Susatyo, there were 400 Central Jakarta Metro Police personnel to protect the demonstration activities.

He said that around 400 policemen are engaged in security work at that place.

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Currently, access from Jalan Ridwan Rise to Jalan Medan Merdeka Selatan is open.

He appealed to the people to maintain order during the protest.

“I appeal to the public for orderly action,” Susatyo said.

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