“Our last major update is coming to the US”

“Our last major update is coming to the US”

Mercedes had a disappointing weekend when Lewis Hamilton and George Russell came into contact in Qatar.

However, the three-way competition in the USA, Mexico and Brazil is generally considered to favor the Mercedes team.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff said in his statement before the US GP that a new update package is in place this weekend.

Wolff said: “We have a busy period now, starting with three races in the USA, Mexico and Brazil.”

“The last race in Qatar was a good example of what can happen. As a team, you never want your cars to crash. It was frustrating to put so many points on the table, especially because the pace of the car was strong.”

“However, the reaction from the drivers and the team has been encouraging.”

Interview with Toto Wolff, Group Principal and CEO, Mercedes-AMG

Photo: Simon Galloway / Motorsport films

“Lewis and George both know that the team comes first. They would never compromise on that. I’m sure everything will be fine from now on.”

“We’re focused on Austin right now and making the most of every weekend.”

“It’s always great to race in Kota. There’s a great atmosphere and the city welcomes F1.”

“This weekend we’ll be transitioning to a new Soul, our last major update for 2023.”

“I believe this will allow us to make a small improvement, but more importantly, it will be a real turning point in the development direction of the W15.”

Wolff concluded his words with the following: “The fight for second place in the teams’ championship has become more intense in the last races.”

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“This weekend we will keep our heads down, keep pushing and aim to collect as many points as possible to increase the gap.”

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