Presscon is looking to expand its presence in North America

Presscon is looking to expand its presence in North America

Presscon and Canadian businessman Gabe Scheeven are working together to establish a subsidiary in the Okanagan region of Canada. This Prescon branch promotes various projects in North America. The focus is on supplying products to industries such as horticulture, breweries, wineries and fire protection.

“Our plan includes establishing a warehouse and office in the Okanagan area. We handle our own sales, as well as Presscon NL's sales, which simplifies the process for our customers. We assemble the equipment in Canada and provide service and maintenance from there. Location. The same customer experience as in Europe. We are also trying to offer in North America,” said Sheevan.

Cape Shivan

Sold immediately
Gabe Schieven was introduced to Presscon products for the first time in early 2023 and was immediately sold. “I am a Canadian entrepreneur with an academic background. I studied mechanical engineering and chemistry at the University of British Columbia. During my career I have explored many different areas. From research and development in physics, especially the intriguing world of cold plasma. In chemistry, focusing on pharmaceuticals. This is where I first heard about Prescon and Introduced their products.”

3 months work visit
“In the fall of 2023, I spent three productive months at Presscon in the Netherlands. I was very interested to see if I could help Presscon expand their presence in North America. When I introduced the company's innovative products in early 2023, Presscon, I was immediately sold. Canada and the US I saw the potential of these systems for companies in the U.S., so I began my approach to this work.”

Technically trained
Scheeven is an engineer by profession and not the business type. “Let me be clear, I don't see myself as a typical salesperson. My real goal is to contribute to the growth of Presscon in North America. Whether it's providing more cost-effective options, providing maintenance for installed systems, or developing environmentally friendly solutions, my goal is to support our potential customers in achieving their goals.”

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