Orange girls short against USA

Orange girls short against USA

In an exhibition game against Team USA, the Netherlands faced a huge deficit on Friday evening. However, Evangelos Toudesis bounced back with a score of 1-6. In the end, the Orange girls were only one goal short: 11-12.

As a last check for FINA World League Super Final Starting in Tenerife on November 2nd, two rejuvenated teams hit the waters of Cromerij. The Toudesis are no less than six players who made their debuts (Margret der Schure, Noah de Vries, Lois den Oden, Feline Voortov, Laura Schinkel and goalkeeper Sanne Geiger). Not even Olympic and world champion USA, gunslingers Maggie Steffens and Maddie Musselman. It took a while for the Netherlands to get over their hesitation, but as the game progressed, the Orange party gave more and more and the debutants were fully engaged.

Maartje Keuning, Bente Rogge and Lola Moolhuijzen got past Ashleigh Johnson, arguably the best goalie in the world, in the second period. As a result, the deficit had already shrunk to 4-7 at the long break. When Den Ouden and Maxine Schaap brought the Netherlands back to 6-7, it was indeed another game. The US had a brief run from 8-11, where the difference in shot power became apparent. But a strong last Dutch period with goals from Brigitte Slieking, Sabrina van der Sloot and der Schure ensured an even more impressive result. But, could not equalize.

The Netherlands will leave for Tenerife on Monday. Even more, the composition is fresh again. Laura Aards and van der Sloot are at home, keepers Sarah Bues and Britt van den Dobelstein, ‘Spanish’ Vivian Cevenich, Simone van de Kraats, Florian Bosveld and Nina den Broek and Iris are back to join Wolves (playing in Greece). Team.

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28 October 2022 Friday
Netherlands – USA: 11-12 (1-5, 3-2, 4-4, 3-1).
Goals Netherlands: Brigitte Slieking 2, Sabrina van der Sloot 2, Lois den Oden 2, Martje Keuning 1, Bente Roge 1, Lola Moolhuizen 1, Maxine Schaap 1, Margret der Schure 1.

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