Orange fever is slowly but surely on the rise: mild tension for 'Netherlands - America'

Orange fever is slowly but surely on the rise: mild tension for ‘Netherlands – America’

“The deep fryers are on, the meatballs are in the gravy, so let’s go.” Arie Boerstra of Cafe De Vriendschap in Tuitjenhorn is ready. He’s a little nervous for the World Cup soccer match between the Netherlands and the United States this afternoon. What about ‘orange fever’ in the village? “I think we’ll have to wait and see what the Netherlands looks like later.”

There are no orange streets in the village. Even Hollandia D, a local sports club in Dutgenhorn, has little evidence of ‘orange fever’. According to chairman Arnold Hoor, this has to do with dissatisfaction with the host country, Qatar. “There is a lot of talk about Qatar, the World Cup is viewed very negatively by all peripheral events. And when I look around: I don’t see any cars with flags or decorations on the street. Maybe if we go to the Netherlands, then.”

A big screen, orange candles and flags at Lake Boerstra’s cafe: “Yes, it all starts again this afternoon.” Boerstra also notes that enthusiasm for the World Cup is low, although he had a full cafe last week. “I’m not a football fan, but I notice that I’m starting to recognize the names of the players now. I’m looking forward to it more. I hear that if the Netherlands score a good game it will be over. But. Hopefully not .”

let’s go

And will the Dutch lion run away with the American eagle? “Van Gaal is capable of doing strange things, so I’m giving them a great chance,” said Hollandia de “Yes, let’s go.”

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