World Cup Soccer Podcast |  'Football is not a referee game, it's about the result!'  |  Orange

World Cup Soccer Podcast | ‘Football is not a referee game, it’s about the result!’ | Orange

The Orange team has qualified for the quarter-finals of the ongoing FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Beating USA 3-1. The game wasn’t great, but it was useful. Enough talking about Etienne Verhoef with Marten Wijfels and Mikos Kouka. And an eye on the opposition: Argentina.

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,, I’m afraid it might be for Orange. It’s not going to be more than this”, Wijfels analyzes the fight with V.S. ,, Perhaps this competition is no longer necessary. Van Marwijk in 2010 and Van Gaal in 2014 and now they have found a way to arm the Dutch national team against all opponents in the world. This resulted in two medals in the World Cup. Football is all about results. Isn’t this a jury game?”

Kouga completely disagrees with me. “Can you decide that what we are seeing now from the Dutch national team is not enough? Van Gaal says the same as the players. It was not enough for the Orange in possession. It was not for nothing that Van Gaal changed two players at half-time.”

“But how do you measure an orange?” Wijfels wonders. “It’s not realistic that we’ll get to the semi-finals on this world stage. Unless you do a trick. Abroad, they see very realistically what is happening in our football. Sometimes it feels like we’re still in the 1970s.

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Etienne Verhoef, Morten Wijfels and Mikos Kouga. © Martin Visser

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