Foto: Bondscoach Amerika lacht om ‘de 17 miljoen bondscoaches van Nederland’

National Coach America Laughs at ‘Netherlands’ 17 Million National Coaches’

Greg Berhalder went on to play for Sparta, FC Zwolle and Kampur in the Eredivisie as a player. America’s current national coach is familiar with the Dutch soccer landscape at a press conference today.

Berhalter also has some secrets in the Dutch national team. “We have been watching the matches for almost a year now. Our staff has seen it all and we have been following the team matches live. We got all the information immediately after the match against Iran and then we started to prepare. Up front, the Netherlands have the quality of Memphis Depay and Cody Kakpo, but it’s collective. If we perform well as a collective, it will undoubtedly be difficult for the opposition.

Dutch review

Bee Team USA People don’t take all the Dutch reviews of Orange seriously. “There is always criticism in the Netherlands. How many national coaches do you have again? Sixteen, seventeen million? When we went into half-time against Ajax with a 1-0 deficit in the Netherlands, the Ajax crowd was still whistling as they scored only once. This is how it works in the Netherlands.”

“In 2014, I also heard a review of Orange. Van Gaal has a thick skin and his job is to win. As a Dutch audience, I wouldn’t pay too much attention to that,” concludes Berhalter.

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