Misfit can be seen as a musical in Dutch theatres

Misfit can be seen as a musical in Dutch theatres

Morssinkhof Terra Theater Productions announces today Mismatch the musical Showing in Dutch cinemas from February 2023. Music is based on success inappropriate Movies and Series. Mismatch the musical From successful creators 100% Coco music And First class music.

Firstly inappropriateThe film was released in Dutch theaters in 2017, followed by Incompatibility 2 In 2019, Incompatibility 3 In 2020 and Put the switch wrong In 2022. Due to the huge success of these Dutch films, there is also a complete film inappropriateSeries available on Netflix. This year Morssinkhof presents Terra Theater productions inappropriate As a musical for the first time in theatres.

The musical tells the story of the former inappropriateThe film, in which the main character Julia has a perfect life in America, but suddenly has to return to the Netherlands. He was labeled a misfit by the most popular girls in school. She gets a chance to go back to America in a talent show at school. She can sing well, but she has never been in front of an audience with stage fright. And then she falls in love with a musician at school!

actors Mismatch the musical Featuring Dewi Inessa, Mack van der Zanden, Louis Bozak and David Van Damme. The music was written by John Dextra, who has previously written hits for Mann, Tabitha, Jay Jawson, Lisbeth List and Herman Pruitt. Music by Fons Merkies and direction by Anne de Blok.

Mismatch the musical In Dutch cinemas from January 27, 2023. The show will premiere on February 11 at Jantheater in Zaandam.

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For more information, go to misfitdemusical.nl

Based on Misfit by Splendid Film and NewBe

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