North America champions after defeat in Netherlands: Antuna FC not forgetting Groningen

North America champions after defeat in Netherlands: Antuna FC not forgetting Groningen

Apart from Santiago Giménez, Edson Alvarez and Jorge Sanchez, one more Mexican Gold Cup winner has been linked to the Netherlands. Uriel Antuna arrived at FC Groningen via Manchester City in 2017 and stayed at the club for a year and a half. The striker was unable to break through, but still has good memories of his time in the Eredivisie, he told

Thanks for the time Groningen

Antuna spoke to the Mexican press with a big sombrero after the final against Panama (1-0). Typical right wing Three CONCACAF champion for the second time and couldn’t believe his luck. “Thank you to this winning team. We have reached our point. Panama also had some chances, but in the end we did what we had to do,” Antuna said. “This is revenge for us and the fans. We are happy that there were many Mexicans in the stadium. We wanted to make them happy by giving gifts. Mexico is made for big acts, so we have to believe in ourselves.

Antona seemed surprised when a Dutch reporter suddenly asked her about her memories of Groningen. Still, a smile broke through Antona’s mind after going to Euroborg. “I have fond memories of that time, which I will always carry with me. I learned a lot there and I am grateful that I was able to grow. Going to Groningen helped me a lot in my life. I learned English. I didn’t speak a word of English when I arrived. Because of that time in the Netherlands, I have grown as a person and certainly as a footballer.


It’s not all roses and moonlight for Antuna in the Netherlands. He enjoyed his first full season in the first team, but often featured with FC Groningen’s reserve team. The loan period was shortened, and Antona left for the LA Galaxy without any major moves. Before we asked him about the challenges he faced in Groningen, Antuna had to board the team bus. Time to celebrate. Is everything alright?

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