Pijnlijk foutje FC Barcelona: trainer Xavi komt Amerika niet in

Coach Xavi will not enter the United States

15:13 – FC Barcelona will have to do without coach Xavi in ​​the training camp for now. The coach is having trouble transporting my passport to the US. This is related to his past with al-Saad and his many visits to Iran. A special exception must be made in the United States for persons who have traveled there.

reports that El Mundo Deportivo, after the club said there were some issues with the coach’s passport. According to the daily, FC Barcelona have overlooked the fact that this exemption should also be claimed for Seva. The U.S. is extra strict on people coming from Iran for security reasons that were not premeditated.

It can take several days to get the green light to enter the US. For now, Xavi will not enter the country, while FC Barcelona’s A-select has already arrived in Miami. A total of 28 players have been selected for the training trip, including Dutch players Memphis Depay and Frenkie de Jong, both of whom will have to leave the Camp Nou.

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Xavi played his last game as a professional footballer in Tehran and was very active in Iran during his time with Al-Saad. Anyone with a past in Iran requires an additional stamp to enter the U.S. due to political ties between the two countries. However, the Catalan powerhouse does not intend to apply for it, it will only happen next Monday at the earliest, and only then will the application be processed.

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