Netflix is ​​hiding over 1,000 additional movies and series for Dutch viewers

Netflix is ​​hiding over 1,000 additional movies and series for Dutch viewers

Netflix has thousands of movies and series, but it now appears that it is also hiding a large number of them from Dutch viewers. Fortunately, you can still easily access additional titles via your account settings.

According to research conducted by Streaming guide This relates to 1,133 movies and series that Netflix hides from subscribers with Dutch language settings. This means an increase in viewership of 16.3 percent! A spokesperson for the streaming service also provides an explanation for hiding movies and series:

“If we don't have subtitles or dubbing available for a title in the language a member has selected for their profile, that title won't be visible. This is because we assume members won't like it if they can't enjoy the title in their own language.

This is how you can find hidden Netflix titles

Movies and series do not have Dutch subtitles, but you can set English subtitles. If you can read English well, you should set your language settings specifically to that language, because you will then have access to the entire display. You can do this via your account settings and then change the language from Dutch to English within your profile.

Streamwijzer also conducted research into hidden Netflix content four years ago, but at the time it still included dozens of titles. The hidden content now consists of more than 1000 movies and series. You can view the full list here. Especially Korean series are shown, but also the Flemish spoken word action film Windkracht 10: Koksijde Rescue, Marvel series such as Iron Man: Armored Adventures and many other animated series.

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Due to rights, Netflix offers different shows in each country, but with this tip you can expand your Netflix list on the couch tonight. Very nice with the high streaming prices.

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