Angela de Jong on Ferry Dudens and Famke Louise: 'Really retarded'

Angela de Jong on Ferry Dudens and Famke Louise: 'Really retarded'

Angela De Jong thinks it's “retarded” for Ferry Doedens and Famke Louise to sell their bodies on OnlyFans. “They serve as role models for young people!”

More and more artists, actors and influencers are starting out on the hot platform. Ferry Doedens and Nicole Kremers, among others, earn thousands of euros with their spicy content on OnlyFans, and Famke Louise now also makes a living from this content.

“The lowest thing you can do”

Nicole previously said that she makes a lot of money from her photos, but Angela de Jong has no respect for her at all. “I would be more respectful of her if she just started filling boxes, because I think that's the lowest and last thing you can do,” she quipped yesterday at the table at Today Inside.


According to Angela, Ferry Dudens and Famke Louise are even worse, because they have the perfect role. “Types like Famke Louise and Ferry Doedens are kind of an example for young people. He was in GTST every night, so he had a fan base. “So now they are showing all these young people that this is a very natural career step, if you don't feel like rolling your eyes about it. Your sleeves, you open an account somewhere to sell your body. I think that's really backwards.

Georgina Verban's argument

Last Sunday, Angela ended up in a TV argument with Georgina Verban over the topic. On the talk show Renzi on Sunday Georgina shouts that OnlyFans is a good business, but Angela is adamantly against it. “We don't want this, do we? She can make more than just these kinds of videos, right? If this is your daughter, you don't want this, right?” She replied.

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Georgina said she wouldn't mind at all if her daughter sold herself on such a racy platform. “I think Famke Louise does what she wants. I hope my daughter does the same.”

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