“I won't argue with you, it's all nonsense!”

“I won't argue with you, it's all nonsense!”

Angela DeYoung was upset by the broadcasts Today inside In it, she discussed the culture of fear at the WNL anchor, as she explained on the program on Wednesday evening. This led to a short discussion between De Jong and Derksen, but it was quickly ended by De Senor – who did not want to continue.

Derksen recently spoke harshly about Eva Jenek, Ros Maugeri, Leonie ter Braak and Meryl Westrick, among others, who criticized broadcaster Bert Huisjes. Derksen defended Huisjes on the Today Inside programmes: “Those people who are still complaining about it eleven years later should have said something then. And who are they? That little guy from Tokerland blowing up balloons somewhere. So they didn't “Don't do it,” De Jong said at the time of Leonie ter Braak. De Jong had already criticized De Jong in her column in Algemeen Dagblad and showed again on Wednesday evening on the Today Inside broadcast that she disagreed with De Jong's criticism. “Snorer” did little For Dirksen

“I've read her columns, so this is nothing new to me. I think Housewives mumbles, yeah,” Derksen says of DeYoung. “All of this, which people are being punished for now, happened in an era when that was very normal. The world seemed very different back then. Not everyone had the inclination to be good on stage. I understand that times have changed and that… A different management style needs to be implemented. “When I was editor-in-chief and I started yelling at the table, everyone thought it was completely normal. In reality: Then they saw the leader“.

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Dirksen has difficulty with the fact that, in his opinion, things that go back years are being brought up: “I think that's the sad thing, they're things that go back twelve years,” says the former footballer, after which De Jong interrupts: “ “It's simply Van Rijn's report from last year, the survey that was done there. The stories about the WNL are also probably from last year,” De Jong says, after which Derksen bluntly replies: “I don't feel like dealing with you. You have to get into a discussion.” Because I think it's all nonsense!”

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