Lil Klein chose to serve the community himself: “Gladly go there” |  RTL Street

Lil Klein chose to serve the community himself: “Gladly go there” | RTL Street

Yorick, as the rapper is called, received a 120-hour community service order for assaulting a 28-year-old visitor to Club Olivia in Amsterdam. On the podcast, the rapper says he still has 60 hours to go. He performs community service at the cemetery and submitted this request himself. He explains why: “It's a little disrespectful. A guy who comes to visit his dead grandmother doesn't say, 'Oh Lil Klein, come take a picture.' You don't meet a lot of people there anyway.”

In addition, “very nice people” work at the cemetery where he performs community service. “I'm really working with people from Amsterdam who have been there for thirty years. I'm really laughing my pants off. I even enjoy going there.” He says the only drawback is that he has to wake up very early and does not get paid. “But it provides some structure in my life. It's actually not that bad. It's not that bad.”

In addition, Yorick has been working on improving himself lately. For example, the rapper says he followed the planned treatment for two years. “For example, I've learned that because all kinds of things happened to my mom in the past, you're also looking for the wrong woman. You feel attracted to the wrong relationship. You feel insecure about yourself.” That's not the only thing he learned. Jurick came to the conclusion that he was receiving “very little validation” from those around him. “That's why I still subconsciously ask him now.”

Although his schema therapy is now complete, Yorick's psychiatrist urged him to apply the learning points throughout his life.

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