Marek Elsinga turned into a spiritual teacher due to new addiction: 'Totally happy'

Marek Elsinga turned into a spiritual teacher due to new addiction: 'Totally happy'

Since February, Marieke has been addicted to so-called cocoa celebrations, she announced on Wednesday morning on the Qmusic morning show. After they entered B&B full of love After she saw Babette organizing these celebrations, she went crazy. “There was a moment at the beginning of February when I thought: It's been gray for months, and it's time for a cup of cocoa.”

Not knowing what's going to happen, Marieke takes a sip. “Fifteen minutes later I say, 'Dear, I'm so happy.' Qmusic colleagues Matti Falk and Anne-Marie Rosing don't believe anything about this spiritual concert. “Just stop,” says Matty. Anne-Marie is also very humble about this.

However, Marieke doesn't want to deprive them of this special experience, and has also prepared a cocoa party for them. To complete the experience, Marieke also donned a new outfit. “I've got my robe on. Especially for the party.” The three sit in a circle on the floor surrounded by burning candles.

Matty and Anne-Marie can't stop laughing, but in the meantime they try cocoa candy. “Wow, strong taste. I can't believe we're doing this,” Matty says as he takes the first sip. Anne-Marie can't get rid of the drink either, but Marieke gives them positive energy. “Always with something new you feel resistance in your body.”

The biggest impact Marieke experiences from her celebrations is that she has a more positive outlook on life. “For example, I feel extra excited to text my mom how much I adore her.” Anne-Marie isn't feeling that positive yet. “It doesn't mean much to me yet. I hope I can read some news like this.” But according to Mareke, that may take some time. “We might have good news just in an instant.”

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Half an hour later, Matty didn't notice much difference either. He and Anne-Marie are not yet fully convinced by this spiritual ceremony, but Marieke continues to drink her cocoa drink.

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