The British press implicates “hypocritical” Meghan in Princess Kate's photoshop portal  RTL Street

The British press implicates “hypocritical” Meghan in Princess Kate's photoshop portal RTL Street

Sources close to Meghan told American entertainment sites such as: Page six She said the Duchess of Sussex would never make a mistake like Kate did. For the British tabloid newspaper the sun Reason enough to take a critical look at the photos previously published by Meghan and her husband, Prince Harry. The newspaper now claims that the photo announcing Meghan's pregnancy with daughter Lilibet was also edited. For example, a different background will be added. Harry's hair was also thicker in the Christmas photo. “Hypocrite” is the magazine's verdict on Meghan and Harry.

Kate has now apologized for editing the photo, which shows her with her children George, Charlotte and Louis. In the photo there is something strange in Louis's hand, there is something wrong with the zipper on Kate's jacket and all kinds of other clothes have strange ends. Kate's excuse was that “just like other amateur photographers” she sometimes tries to do some post-processing on images.

There has been a lot of hype around Kate since she underwent abdominal surgery in January this year. The wildest conspiracy theories are circulating about the Princess of Wales, because it is still unclear exactly why the operation was performed. Since the operation, Kate has temporarily stepped back from her duties as a working member of the British royal family. She is certain to be out of action until Easter.

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