“Netanyahu received tremendous criticism from the Americans.”

“Netanyahu received tremendous criticism from the Americans.”

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After all, an Israeli delegation will leave for the United States. Earlier this week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu canceled the visit out of anger over the UN ceasefire resolution in Gaza. Foreign commentator Bernard Hammelburg points out that “Netanyahu does not have much choice. He has been subjected to great pressure and faced strong rejection by the Americans.”

“Netanyahu received tremendous criticism from the Americans.”

According to Hammelburg, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant was the one who arranged the reconciliation attempt. “He is already in the United States and has had discussions with fellow Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and others. They will no doubt have conveyed the message that they cannot do it and that it is not in Israel's interest. The difficult point is the desired invasion of Rafah, which is opposed by almost the entire West.

Rafah bombing

The Americans will communicate with the Israeli delegation, which is likely to arrive next week. “The idea is to provide Israelis with specific plans on how they can get what they are looking for.” According to Israel, some key Hamas figures remain in Rafah, along with Israeli hostages as well.

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However, the United States must not allow the attack to come at the expense of refugees. At the beginning of the Gaza invasion, Israel sent everyone to the south of the area, so that Rafah alone now hosts about one and a half million people.

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