Change of mandatory PCR and antigen test requirements for entry into Spain

Change of mandatory PCR and antigen test requirements for entry into Spain

MADRID – The Spanish Ministry of Health published a small but significant relief regarding the negative PCR test result on Tuesday, July 13th through publication in the BOE Official Gazette. in the post Bank of England- A-2021-11615 It can be read that from now on, there is a period of 72 hours for PCR testing and 48 hours for antigen testing. This is effective from Wednesday 14th July.

It is a small but important facility for many travelers to enter Spain. Since June 7, in Spain, if you have not been fully vaccinated for 14 days or before your arrival in Spain or if you have not yet been vaccinated, you must show a negative PCR test or antigen test upon arrival in Spain

For both coronary tests, a period of 48 hours before arrival in Spain was applied, regardless of the mode of transport (including passenger transport). But here it comes From Wednesday 14 July change in. From then on, if you have a file Negative PCR test Travel must not be older than 72 hours upon arrival In Spain (rate). If you go with negative antigen test Travels, shall not be older than 48 hours upon arrival In Spain (unchanged).

Please note: at the time of writing this amendment has not yet been changed on the websites of the Dutch and Belgian authorities, something that will undoubtedly happen during Tuesday 13 July. be seen Wow

Modified Entry Restrictions (Short)

You can travel to Spain by any means of transport with your EU digital COVID certificate if:

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  • You have been fully vaccinated 14 days or more ago, or;
  • You can prove that you have recovered from COVID-19. Your recovery certificate must be issued for at least 11 days and at most 180 days after your first positive NAAT test. or;
  • Negative PCR test does not exceed 72 hours (the new) on arrival in Spain, or;
  • Your negative antigen test does not exceed 48 hours upon your arrival in Spain.
  • Children under the age of 12 can travel to Spain without these documents.
  • Do you travel by plane or boat? then enter “health monitoring form(Information in English).

Custom Entry Restrictions (Long)

It is mandatory to show one of the following three documents for travelers from the Netherlands and Belgium (with any mode of transport, including passenger transport) from the age of 12:

1. COVID-19 vaccination certificate / proof of complete vaccination. This document must be in Spanish, English, French or German or have an official translation. The vaccination must be taken at least 14 days before arrival. The certificate or proof must in any case state: name, dates of vaccination, type of vaccine, batch number, country in which vaccination was carried out, contact details of the vaccination authority and contact details of the body that issued this certificate or proof.

2. Guide to recovery from COVID-19. If you recover from COVID-19, you can enter Spain with a recovery certificate. This document must be issued at least 11 days after the first positive NAAT test and a maximum of 180 days. The document must be issued by a medical authority or body. It should contain: name, date of first positive NAAT test, type of NAAT test, and country of issue.

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3. Negative NAAT was performed within 72 hours prior to arrival From Rapid antigen test is performed within 48 hours of arrival. The negative test certificate that will be taken with you in any case should mention: name, travel document number, contact details of the test institute, test type, test time and date and negative result. Test results must be in Spanish, English, French or German.

Passengers arriving by plane or boat must also be able to show (the QR code of) a completed ‘Health Monitoring Form’ upon arrival. This can be done via a file special site From the Spanish government or through App SpTH (SpainTravelHealth).

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