Naarden's David Stam has developed a hyperloop prototype

Naarden's David Stam has developed a hyperloop prototype

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NARDEEN – David Stamm – a student at Delft, but born and raised in Narden – is this year a design engineer in the business department of the Delft Hyperloop team. Hyperloop is a revolutionary means of transportation that combines the speed of an airplane with the comfort of a train.

Hyperloop is many times more energy efficient and has no fossil fuel emissions. This is possible by allowing the Hyperloop pod to float with the magnets on the pod, so that no friction occurs. The transport also moves in a tube that contains almost no air, so it moves faster.

From Amsterdam to Paris in half an hour? Traveling at speeds of up to a thousand kilometers per hour? With Hyperloop, this dream has become a reality. This sounds ideal, but before you can make the trip, there is still a lot to do. Delft Hyperloop is committed to this. Stam: “At Delft Hyperloop we are transforming the future of transportation through innovation, precision and pioneering design.”


The student participates in visualizing the hyperloop concept and thus contributes to the creation and development of a hyperloop prototype. Stam is dedicating a year of his studies to the project and pausing his studies to work full-time on hyperloop development. During his year, David will use his theoretical knowledge for an innovative and sustainable future.

TU Delft's Delft Hyperloop Student Team consists of 38 diverse and enthusiastic students who work for a year to design, build and demonstrate a hyperloop prototype. Every year they work on a new pod that brings them one step closer to achieving a hyperloop network within Europe.

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During the design reveal on February 27, 2024 in Delft, it will be demonstrated what the new prototype design will look like. With this prototype, they will participate in the European Hyperloop Week in Zurich (Switzerland); A student competition where they compete against other European universities. Here they will do their best to win this competition, just like in previous years.

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