Montana Milland’s relationship ended after eight years: ‘It’s time to let go’

Montana Milland’s relationship ended after eight years: ‘It’s time to let go’

“We’ve had beautiful moments together, but sometimes there comes a time to let go,” Montana writes in a black and white photo with her ex. Montana and Dirk have been together for over eight years.

Dirk, in turn, wrote that Montana remains “his everything”. “At the moment we are taking a step back in our relationship to find ourselves again. After all that has happened around us in recent years, we have changed, positively and negatively, consciously and unconsciously. This can only be achieved by letting go of each other in the moment and seeing What the future brings us We love each other and will remain good friends anyway.

Dirk also wants to thank his “wonderful parents”, Martin and Erica. “You are wonderful people, and I also find it very unfortunate that you are going through this after the eight wonderful years we have had.”

Meilandjes will be very busy with love in the coming period, because the family will soon open a new guest house. It’s still called Pension Christina, but Martien thinks that name doesn’t fit the family. That’s why Meilandjes renamed the guest house Code Rosé. But first, there’s still a lot of revamping to do, something we’ll definitely see in the new season, according to the family.

The family has been followed on the reality series since 2019 Chateau Milland. SBS6 has been a guarantee of millions of viewers for many years. In the first year, the program immediately won the Gouden Televizier-Ring.

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