Billie Eilish unexpectedly drops two new tracks

Billie Eilish unexpectedly drops two new tracks

Television has been a bit of a slump during her recent shows. It’s a vocal track, just like No. 30. She sang the song with her brother Phineas.

“Phineas and I really wanted this to be your song ASAP,” she told fans of the surprise release of the two songs. “So here they are!!” Bailey said in her letter that she really appreciates the positive response on TV. She described it as her highlight and made her want to get the song out soon. “I still get goosebumps when I hear the song.”

The artist told Apple Music that she wrote the lyrics for TV with her brother a few months ago. She also briefly commented on a portion of the text that talks about reversing the right to abortion in the United States. In the song, she sings “The Internet Is Going Crazy / As They Turn Roe v Wade”. “We wrote this text a few weeks before the law was repealed. We heard the news in Glastonbury.” Bailey said she was stunned. “I had this unrealistic hope that they wouldn’t back down.”

Bailey also mentioned that 30 was the first song she wrote with Finneas after the tracks for her second album, Hapier Than Ever. This record was released last year.

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