Rachel Hazes takes Yvonne Cauldoyer to court

Rachel Hazes takes Yvonne Cauldoyer to court

Yvonne Coldeweijer is of late on her smoothie channel Livevivon Know that Rachel will take her to court. In her stories, she wrote: “It happens.”

It is not surprising that Yvonne and Rachel Hazys and the Hazys family in general do not like each other very much. Yvonne enjoys everything about that family and thus isn’t afraid to spill juice on the Hazes of the world.


Yvonne has re-posted the controversial video of her talking about Rachel. She removes it at the end of November after a summary summons and announcement by Rachel, but now indicates that she will no longer be intimidated.

A few weeks ago, Rachel’s lawyer called me to stop it, because it’s supposedly based on lies. “A few weeks later I can only conclude that I’m right again and that since I got the letter, there’s been absolutely no contact between Andre and his mother. “We have seen the truth ourselves, and therefore I will not be afraid,” says Yvonne.

Court case

According to Rachel, everything Yvonne says in this video is completely false. She found her “extremely hurtful and untrue statements” about her role in the leaking of a personal letter from her son, Andre Hazys, to ex Sarah Van Solen. Rachel is not fooled and now decides to go to court.

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