M&M’s pulls iconic TV ad after criticism: ‘Too polarizing’

For decades, talking and moving M&Ms have been used in advertisements for the chocolate brand, which is part of manufacturer Mars Wrigley. But after criticism from the conservative corner of America, this is now coming to an end, the company wrote yesterday A statement.

‘America, we need to talk’

The company’s statement began, “America, we must speak up.” “Last year we changed the look of our beloved talking candies,” Mars writes.

“We didn’t think anyone would notice. We certainly didn’t expect it to go viral on the Internet. But we get it: Even a pair of candy shoes can be polarizing.”

‘wide awake’

That’s right. For example, Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson’s videos have been viewed millions of times on social media in recent weeks. Carlson invented the new M&Ms ‘Too Wog’.

Here’s what Carlson thinks about M&Ms:

For example, there are advertisements and packaging only with female chocolate sweets. Last month, the company introduced a new purple M&Ms. It’s a singer “to honor all women who change status.”

Hand in hand

A brown and green M&Ms – both girls – holding hands in a new packaging. “M&Ms isn’t satisfied until all the characters are extremely unattractive and completely hermaphroditic,” Carlson said of the changes.

He calls the new candies lesbian and says they’re slightly thicker chocolates than the original M&Ms, making them more obesity-prone.

This is one of the new packaging:

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