Milton Buss’ Sporting Moment: From Attic Room Journalist to Baseball Week Reporter

Milton Buss’ Sporting Moment: From Attic Room Journalist to Baseball Week Reporter

With the temperatures so cold right now, it feels like forever. This past summer, four years later, Harlem Baseball Week was held again. I was in the multi-day tournament for the first time and it turned out to be a memorable evening in many ways…

In summer it is much quieter at NH Sportredactie. The colleagues are taking a well-deserved vacation and the clubs are on training camp. Often the most exciting news on such days is an (unexpected) move to Ajax, AZ, FC Volendam or Telstar.

That’s why, as a young reporter, there’s a good chance you’ll spend a day watching Baseball Week. The idea is to report on the opening match between Holland and Italy and maybe meet another player afterwards. On time and in good spirits, take the train to Bloemendaal station and walk the last part to the Pim Mulier stadium.

Martin Smith

Upon arriving at the baseball field, I can bypass a long line of visitors and collect my press card at a separate desk. Out of the corner of my eye I see a large, familiar figure coming my way. The man standing next to me: Mart Smits, welcome guest at Baseball Week. His son Tjerek is the Netherlands assistant coach. I won’t find that out until later though.

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After taking a bottle of water in the press room, I want to sit in the press gallery. To my great surprise, it is completely staffed with scouts and people from the organization. Fortunately, the journalist sends the scouts away and suddenly I have a row. This is the other side.

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The match begins against Italy and the Dutch get a false start. Riccardo Paolini makes the first point. Fortunately, Charlon Scoop and Denzel Richardson repaired the damage in the same half. Aside from a few minor refreshes, there isn’t much going on in the game. It remains 2-1 for the Netherlands.

Journalist in the attic room

There is enough time during the game to talk to my neighbor in the stands. Turns out he’s an American scout who wants to see the US team and has to record all kinds of stats. He has a very extensive database, in which all statistics are collected.

It’s one of the first times for me that I’ve been on a sports field as a reporter. I try to explain to him that I have one Attic room press Ben, an ironic term for journalists who only work in the editorial office. farther than Attic room press I won’t, but luckily he can laugh about it. After the match, he asked if I would also visit the other duels. Unfortunately this does not happen anymore.

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It should be clear, I had a great time at the press fair. I can also stand by the stadium to take good pictures and see how the crowd is filled with music, enthusiastic fans and announcers.

After that I spoke to Evert-Jan ‘t Hoen, the national coach of the Netherlands. “This event is important for baseball, for Holland and definitely for Harlem. The stands were full of excited people, and that’s what you do for.” In that conversation, he indicated that Orange wants to achieve the overall victory. I have little confidence in it myself. I expect Americans to be much better.

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I’ve enjoyed watching the rest of the matches in the Netherlands via live stream, when it suits the schedule. The Dutch baseball team finishes the group stage in fourth place and reaches the semi-finals against Japan. In it, he defeated the last winner of the event.

My colleague Frank van der Megden is allowed to go to the final and I’m secretly a little jealous. Because a day later, the Dutch national team simply beat Curaçao in that final. Nice end to baseball week in my eyes.

This experience definitely tastes better and that’s why one hopes Attic room press To be allowed out a lot in 2023. The best thing is to do sports on the field. Above all, I hope to be able to see more matches at this great event in the next edition in 2024.

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