Are you going skiing or snowboarding?  Check if your iPhone has been dropped

Are you going skiing or snowboarding? Check if your iPhone has been dropped

Have you planned a winter sports holiday or do you automatically go to Winterberg for the weekend? It doesn’t matter if you go skiing or snowboarding (or where): it’s beneficial for both sports to keep a close eye on your iPhone. fall detection Very effective and good, but this function seems to be especially during winter sports.

Emergency services called by Apple

in the United States Colorado Apple products seem to have called emergency services countless times. That’s because the iPhone thinks you’re falling because of the fits and starts that often accompany winter sports. Then, the phone or watch will tell you it’s detected a fall and ask if you’re okay, but of course you won’t hear it as the long slides weave over snow and ice. The final result? Emergency services already being contacted, while knowing no harm. girl’s face.

Sensors in Apple products are very sensitive. There have been reports of older gadgets from the brand before, but it appears that the iPhone 14 and Apple Watch Series 8 are being scrutinized heavily for drops. In Colorado alone, emergency services were called 71 times in one weekend. Emergency services don’t go in immediately after reporting: they call the device first, but then they also get a 0 on demand, and then they have to take action anyway.

Fall detection on iPhone

Embarrassing for the winter sports fans involved, who have no clue what’s causing all the mess and stress on their machines. They’re probably quite the avid sportsmen, because you have to let some g-forces counteract the sensor for it to explode. On the other hand, a fall is just a fall, so even if you have a fall slider Makes, and then the apple is there like a chicken to check if you’re okay.

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Reason enough to be extra alert on your iPhone: just the same as yours. You can also turn off fall detection, but the question is if you really want to, just in case something goes wrong. On the other hand: This way you prevent services from trying to help you unnecessarily, while others might better use the help.

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