Matanzas is in a good mood – yup

Matanzas is in a good mood – yup


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As a consultant in Rotterdam, I also had to deal with entrepreneurs. The most interesting was undoubtedly Willem van Wout. He was a scrap metal wholesaler “dealing in Cuba.” His daughter, Meryl, cut custom-made suits for Fidel Castro. because Chef He didn’t always walk around in uniform. In his spare time, he wore a custom-made suit. Therefore, Willem Van’t Wout’s relationship with the political government of Cuba was excellent.

In 1998, the 350th anniversary of the Battle of Matanzas was celebrated. The House of Hein took over the Silver Fleet. On the occasion of this anniversary, Van’t Wout presented Cuba with a “faithful” replica of the Piet Heine statue, which also adorns us in Rotterdam-Delfshavn.

This replica was made by Rotterdam sculptor Willem Verboon. When making the replica, he allowed himself to make a small but significant deviation from the original. Laces on Left shoe By Cuban Pete Hein Loose!

The Cuban expert Willem van’t Vout spoke to me at that time with the unforgettable words: “Mr. K., man is not good enough for socialism!”

Today I actually begin to think that man is not good enough even for parliamentary democracy. After all, we are now busy throwing the “wedding bed of democracy”, i.e. Parliament, on the scrap heap. And that’s at an amazingly fast pace.

On the other hand, there is no shortage of crude or fake humor. Therefore, it is much easier to produce. Let me try: “No wonder the Netherlands has a fake parliament, after all it is a fake state withdrawing from the North Sea…”

But our main Grove Humor supplier today is Geert Wilders. The politician whose style comes from the Venlo Carnival. I’ve mentioned this before. For three days, the Botrydner, a wig-wearing character in a beer keg, can insult the city council with impunity: “The councilor is a whore!” And/or utter nonsense.

People shout “thousands” after each “sarcasm”, and the Mop Orchestra performs Change Boom. For three days. But then it must be over. They return to the order of the day.

The problem is that Wilders did not resign after three days, but has now been playing the role of Venlo Bötterdner in the House of Representatives for fifteen years. He is constantly insulted and often spouts blatant nonsense. (Netherlands from the EU, for example)

“People” believe that it seems like a non-stop carnival in the Netherlands today. Party every day! you know what? We’ll be a little offended too! Since then, the reactionary public has been screaming “thousands!” On his brown accounts and the mop orchestra Tsjieng Boem flows!

“Later we won’t tell each other anything: we don’t like each other. According to you, I’m a populist, far-right, I pit groups against each other, I’m secretly against democracy and in reality… Within the depths fascist.”

Really black humor! This is the man who, as a fake speaker of the House of Representatives, will soon be forced to parrot in the fake parliament the exact words of Geert Wilders, the intended fake prime minister of a fake country. Of course this won’t happen. In fact, I think Bosma will “please us” in chamber meeting after chamber meeting with his own enjoyment.

Holland, wake up! Strengthen your democracy. Many things can (and should) be done outside Parliament. Establishing citizens’ councils. Nor should one sneeze at specialized think tanks and opinions.

First and foremost, the Migration Research Centre. It should be possible to write an immigration note that clearly explains what is and is not possible in this area.

Tomorrow I will bike to Delfshavn. Why? To look at the statue of Pete Hein or one of them Laces Subordinate The right shoe Los To sit. Why else?

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