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The mobile game Diablo Immortal was supposed to be released sometime this year, but Blizzard has delayed its release until next year. The game is supposed to be released for smartphones sometime in the first half of next year.

Writes Blizzard It is planning to make some improvements to the gameplay based on feedback during a closed alpha session. The developer says this requires modifications that make a release in 2021 no longer possible. A release in the first six months of next year will give Blizzard the opportunity to make improvements to the entire game.

For example, the developer says that players would have loved more of the long-range PvE goals. Based on this, there will be new PvE raids, among others. Players also indicated that they would like to see more activities to enrich the social experience in the game. Changes are also being made in the PvP mode, such as the Battleground system, where players can test their heroes in battles against each other.

Furthermore, Blizzard wants to use the extra time to build support for consoles. According to the developer, this requires a lot of effort, especially to smoothly adapt a touch-sensitive screen such as the screen of a smartphone with a controller. Blizzard says this support is also meant to make the game more accessible. The developer will reveal more about progress on this point in a future beta session.

Become Diablo Immortal A free to play-nickname. The story is different Layers The game is free to play and there is no time limit or progression limit. For example, players can Battle corridors to buy. Players must collect equipment and weapons in the game and are not for sale.

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