LKY Sunz wants an F1 starter license for 2025 and financing has already been arranged

LKY Sunz wants an F1 starter license for 2025 and financing has already been arranged

It might just be a matter of expanding the network soon with an Asian team. LKY SUNZ will have plans to start with an XI in 2025 or 2026.

It added in a statement that the team had officially informed the FIA ​​and would also have sufficient financial support. The greenhouse will be filled by Legends Advocates Sports Group, an investment fund from the United States, and several parties from Asia. LKY SUNZ also says it will prepare all the necessary paperwork before the May deadline, so it can compete for a spot in the network from 2025.

LKY SUNZ wants to do things very differently in many respects, though the question is how realistic that is. The goal is to run the team from a base in Southeast Asia. This while almost all suppliers operate from Europe and their factories are a stone’s throw from the current Formula 1 teams. From an operational point of view, operating from Asia is at least a huge challenge.

Durand is the most experienced man

Benjamin Durand is CEO. He is assisted by Paul Fleming and Andrew Perrah. We know Durand as one of the men behind the Panthera Team Asia F1 team, who was vying for his Formula 1 start permit until earlier this year. So LKY SUNZ appears to be a continuation of this project, but under a different name and with different people involved. Durand previously worked on the Lotus T25 and raced in Russian SMP racing.


LKY SUNZ not only has to perform on the track, but also wants to push boundaries when it comes to entertaining and attracting young fans. Durand: “We are delighted that our investors share our vision of youth culture and building a Formula 1 team. The popularity of this sport has grown exponentially and existing teams and drivers have contributed to this, but we want to bring something new to the sport. For example, by attracting talent from communities that are hardly represented Right now. We’re bringing diversity to sports in a way you don’t see yet.”

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LKY SUNZ operates a modern factory in Southeast Asia. The first cars will still be built on European soil, but the crossover will have to happen as quickly as possible in order to operate as climate neutral as possible.

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