Double farewell in GTST: Meerdijk waves goodbye to two characters

Stanley has recently been offered a job as a singer on a cruise ship. As a caregiver and personal assistant, Marwan also loves it, but this causes raised eyebrows. Demi (Noa Xuan) is not happy at first that her son’s father is leaving for so long. Then Grandpa Henk (Johnny Craigkamp, ​​Jr.) also gets involved.

Fortunately, all parties are involved. It had to, because Marouane would leave Merdijk had already been confirmed by RTL. At the farewell party, Henk comes to apologize. “I guess I should say sorry. You’re a great father and I’m a busy old man.”

Hassan appeared for the first time as Marawan El Amrani in September 2020 in GTST. He has settled down with his young brother Ilyas (Hamza Osman) in Merdik to help run their strict father’s neighborhood supermarket. Marwan notably turns the Ferdwin family’s lives upside down when he accidentally impregnates the underage Demi, who tells him she is eighteen.

Long story short: Demi and Marwan found a way to split custody of their son, Tom. Marwan’s brief relationship with Demi’s sister Meryl (Sophie Bouquet) was less favorable. Because of his involvement in the illegal trade in stolen diamonds with Julien Verduin (Cass Jansen), Marwan is sentenced to community service.

Marwan’s sometimes reckless tales also focused several times on the difficult relationship with his father, whom he considered an embarrassment to the family. Marwan stayed in Merdijk when his father and little brother returned to Morocco and that didn’t help the relationship either. Will viewers see this come out right? Who do you know. Marwan’s return does not seem categorically excluded, because the cruise will last several months.

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GTST It can be seen on RTL 4 Monday-Thursday at 8pm and can be seen at Videoland.

This year the soap goes early with the summer holidays. The final episode of this season can be watched on Thursday, June 1. The makers of the game promise “one of the coolest ramps ever”. Then it will be a long summer for the fanatic GTSTViewers: The series returns on August 28. Here’s what Meerdijk can expect in the run-up to the cliffhanger:

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