These are the winners of the Race Across the World

These are the winners of the Race Across the World

The remaining pairs form a path from Mendoza to Ushuaia. It is the longest leg of the entire journey; It is of course final for a reason. Howard Combro and his friend Dre were the first to leave, as they were also the first to arrive in Mendoza last week. Not long after, Hugo Kines and Eva Kleven left. Finally, Bastian Rajas and his son Sim come out.

Kennis’ team and Komproe’s team soon run into each other at a bus stop. As the Komproe team boarded the night bus later that evening, Kennis’ team managed to arrange a nice taxi driver who wanted to take them to the Ushuaia end point. Although they are reluctant at first, since they are not on the road at night, they go for it anyway and have a fun ride with the taxi driver and her birthday kid.

The Ragas are the last to leave and can already see the storm coming. “What else can we do is? Damn it. We don’t run a race anymore, we’re going to trek out of it,” Bastien tells his son. But Sam doesn’t feel like it. “This is weak.” While his father considers it a lost race, Sim has a much nicer theory. “We won, didn’t we? The two of us, what we were all allowed to do and our relationship, really won hard.” Beautiful words from Sam. They decide to go to the finish line anyway, even though they know they won’t officially win the race anymore.

So the battle is still between Team Komproe and Team Kennis. Martijn Krabbé has the redeeming answer. The winners are Hugo and Eva. They were the first to reach the “end of the world”. Eva exclaims: “No, damn it! No.” When Howard and Dre arrive, they see a picture of Hugo and Eva. “I’ll give it to them, man,” Howard says.

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And what about the Rajas team? Father and son are really late for the specified destination, but they have reached Ushuaia. Martin is waiting for them there. “We did it my friend. Bastian tells his son.

Race across the world Look back at Videoland.

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