Larger companies choose driverless trucks

Larger companies choose driverless trucks

In the United States, Embark is the pioneer in developing self-driving truck technology that will partner with major shipping exporters and freight forwarders. Reports CNBC The aim is to ensure that autonomous systems operate within the growing trucking industry.

According to Alex Rodriguez, CEO and co-founder of Empark, the startup’s development partners will have initial access to the company’s software and services. When Embark launched in 2016, it wanted to build fully autonomous trucks that could sell one day, or create its own driving freight service.

Embark has been evolving for some time

Empark employs about 120 full-time employees and has raised a lot of money to spend on the development of self-driving trucks. CNBC writes that it used some of that money to build a test fleet of 16 autonomous trucks. Impark owns and operates with drivers for legal protection on board. It uses some trucks to carry refrigerated and dry goods to pay customers.

Start-up technology allows trucks to automatically connect or exit highways, stay in the middle of an alley, automatically change lanes, and travel from highways to intersections on underground roads. Their systems operate in sun, rain, fog or at night, but not snow. The system can be installed on trucks from four major US manufacturers: Flightliner, International, Peterbuild and Volvo.

Focusing on opportunities

Over the years, Empark has shifted its focus based on its experiences with drivers, carriers and shipping exporters. Instead of competing with freight carriers, the startup now plans to license their autonomous systems and software. The company has developed a global interface for it.

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