Underlite Online - "Vincent can go to America or China" (10 April 21)

Underlite Online – “Vincent can go to America or China” (10 April 21)

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Saturday, April 10, 2021, 9:01 AM – Emjomi

Interviews As you know Corona, the Franசois Company cannot personally greet Brother Vincent on his birthday. So this will be with a Facebook conversation. Vincent received it for the same amount of money in the United States or China, but he chose RSC Anderlets.

Franுவாois Company says this was a big step when Vincent Company’s family chose a future in RSC Underlach.
“Then he was able to go to the United States and China, but the opportunity he had in Brussels was very good. His family had a little less of that choice. The children had to go to another country, another school and Carla (wife Vincent). Ed;) but they all changed. They did very well. “

Vincent goes to work every day with a smile, despite the criticisms he often has to endure.
“Actually, he doesn’t care about that criticism. I think the criticism is too cheap in Belgium. Look at the comments Romul Lukaku sometimes gets, while the boy is the highest-scoring striker in the history of the Red Devils. Vincent is hard enough for himself, he hesitates to question himself on a regular basis. Will not. “

“Club Brook is much higher than the others at the moment. I especially hope that Underletz can defend the play – off 1 and not have to start believing that points will be lost from others.”

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Source: HLN (Peter-John Calcone)

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