Korean Overwatch League player speaks out against racism

Korean overwatch sportsman Fearless reveals the racist experiences he goes through every day in the United States. His story continues Virus It will focus more on issues that people with an Asian background have.

Fearless has been playing for the Dallas Fuel Team since the 2020 final. He was also in the United States in 2018, but he says during his stream that he did not face racism at the time. The 22-year-old thinks the infection has worsened the situation.

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In the translated video, Fearless talks about his personal experiences. People in the street often scold him. Sometimes they even take off their mouth caps to cough all over the player. After this they often run away and after that Fearless feels terrible. The young player says he has never been a victim of racism before. Now he sometimes wears his jersey, which clearly shows his team in the hope that he will be less attacked. Fearless people think that people will bother him less if they know he belongs to a group or organization.


Since the beginning of Fearless’s career, he has played in South Korea and China. In these countries he mainly belongs to the largest population. In the United States he had to get used to the new culture, but he never expected racism to become a big issue. Fearless hopes by sharing his own experiences to raise awareness about the issues surrounding racism in the United States.

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