'America is beautiful, but I'm satisfied with either the ETVTV or the Kitchen Champion category'

‘America is beautiful, but I’m satisfied with either the ETVTV or the Kitchen Champion category’

Nick Hengelman recently received a resignation letter from Ajax and will have to look for a new club for next season. The goalkeeper (31) thinks he can play on ERTV, however a foreign adventure is also on his list.

Hengelman joined Amsterdam in September last year, where he became a ‘training keeper’ at Young Ajax. The Amsterdam club has formally terminated its expired contract, although both parties have the opportunity to talk to each other about a new deal. “I want to play in a new club, I want to be important there. Being the first goalkeeper in a professional club is the best thing out there. If you get a chance somewhere, you choose it,” says Henkelman. Football Primorye.

“It’s great to enjoy an adventure abroad. It would be nice if you could go to the United States, but I’m also glad to be able to find a good club in the ERTVC or Kitchen Champion category. They are only two levels. The Netherlands I want to play in. I think I have the quality to play at a good level in the Netherlands. “

Foreign adventure
Hengelman has already taken action overseas with Ajax Cape Town, South Africa. He did so after playing as a goalkeeper for FC Twenty20, FC Oz, Achilles 29, Witsey, AGOVV and Heracles Almelo in the Netherlands. “The most beautiful place I ‘ve ever been to is South Africa. Cape Town is not ordinary, it’s so beautiful. I can live there for the rest of my life. If you have a chance to go somewhere you should go to Cape Town.”

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But the United States is high on his wish list. “America has always fascinated me. I said America was number one before I went to South Africa, but eventually it turned out to be South Africa. I enjoyed a foreign adventure, I really liked it, it would really enrich your life. I want to do it again. Send me overseas, you know I will sign it immediately if it is possible. “

(Tim von Dujen / Whiteball Primer)

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