Katja Schurmann shows her breasts on Instagram: “Without a bra already”

Katja Schurmann shows her breasts on Instagram: “Without a bra already”

Earlier this month we saw around 28 Dutch celebrities strip down for charity. They were photographed by Jasper Swick and included in the book Dear future. Katja Schurmann was also present.

She has now posted a behind-the-scenes video on Instagram and it is questionable whether it is still online at the time of publishing this article.

Without mask
Katia gives a powerful video explanation: “Because we often show our strong, funny, laughing, strong side that can do everything on its own, the mask. And because we almost all do it, you almost start to believe that 'others' are really like that, and you're the only one who doesn't.”

“Because sometimes you're sad, or frustrated, or lost, and you have your hands in your hair because you don't really know what to do anymore, or you're panicking, or you're just feeling sad. That's why these pictures are without a mask. So you can be “I'm sure we're all basically the same. And connected to each other. With as much love and compassion as possible. For heaven's sake.”

Without a bra
She continues: “And yes, even without a bra really. And without anything obliterating my nipples. Because it's ridiculous that we're allowed to see the most horrific pictures, but not women's breasts. What a strange world. But we don't have to see that.” “Accept that there is a lot of 'strangeness' in the world. Let us not lose hope. It is up to you and me to make the world more beautiful, more loving and more honest.”

Want to see stunning photos of 48-year-old Katja Schurmann? If it hasn't been taken offline yet, you'll find it On her Instagram page. If so, you will find pictures of Katia here.

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In many responses there are pros and cons. Someone writes: “I love it! We just have to be nicer to each other,” said Katya. “Okay.” While another responds with “How pathetic is this???? I have sunk to this extent…” Below is a recent message from Katya while on a walk with a friend.

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