“Jost Klein will win,” fans chanted after Europepa's first (secret) live performance.

“Jost Klein will win,” fans chanted after Europepa's first (secret) live performance.

Jost Klein performed his very popular Eurovision Song Contest entry “Europaba” for the first time in Tilburg on Thursday evening. There are no pictures. Telephones were strictly prohibited. However, the feedback from Poppodium 013 is lyrical. Fans know for sure: Joost has a great chance to win.

“Sodeju!”, one of the attendees responded to X. “This guy combines party, harmony and love in one person. Everyone can use Joost in their lives.

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Ten cameras

Eurovision Song Contest expert JJ Kooijman was also present. “He opened and closed the party with Urubaba,” he says in Goedemorgen Nederland on NPO 1. “It was a big party.”

Ghost recorded a live video. “With ten cameras. At one point, Ghost stood in the middle of the room surrounded by a large circle of fans. There was a large hole where he was lifted above the audience.

Open and honest

What makes Ghost so charming? Kooijman: “It brings a deeper layer of poetry in a way that we're not used to. And also his honesty, openness, creativity and the fact that he can really connect with young people. He definitely has a chance.”

Jean-Paul Heck (Editor-in-Chief of Soundz) agrees. “I'm curious to see if he can translate the deeper layer into performance. The question is whether he will do it in English.”

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Written by: Michele Van Rensselaer

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