UK threatens extradition request for Kevin Spacey

UK threatens extradition request for Kevin Spacey

The Guardian reported this on Sunday based on the authority’s sourcing authority. The United States would then have to arrest the actor for his extradition. Spacey was indicted in Britain earlier this week on four counts of sexually assaulting three men. Officially, the representative must file a report with the UK to deal with the charges.

Among those cases is “incitement” to penetration without permission. But the judiciary does not clarify who or whom. These events were between March 2005 and April 2013, which are said to have occurred in part in the area of ​​London where the Old Vic Theatre is located. Spacey was the head coach there at the time.

unacceptable behavior

The 62-year-old, two-time Academy Award winner, known for the films Usual Suspects, L.A. Confidential and Se7en, was already accused by several men of sexually opposite behavior in 2017. The case caused the actor to leave the popular Netflix series House Of Cards soon after, playing President Frank Underwood. Several cases were settled and dropped, but the investigation continued with the actor.

If Spacey files the lawsuit, it does not automatically mean that the actor will have to stay in the UK for months or even years. The judge can give him permission to return to the United States during the case, provided he promises to return if the judge so requests. This arrangement depends on the court.
Spacey has always denied all allegations. In August, it was announced that Spacey would be returning to work. He landed a role in the Peter Five Eight films and in the Italian film L’uomo che disegnò Dio. The films are scheduled to be shown this year. The actor’s last movie role was in Billionaire Boys Club of 2018, and the film was well received.

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