Ricardo and Nicolette move to the “garbage dump”: “dog waste and leakage”

Ricardo and Nicolette move to the “garbage dump”: “dog waste and leakage”

Dirt in the new house

The home's swimming pool appears to have been used as a dumping ground: there is dog waste, old broken furniture, and more dirt. To make matters worse, there were leaks everywhere in the house. Will their B&B come again?

“Here it looks like an indoor swimming pool. Apparently we have a flood subscription. Plus, there is rubbish coming from everywhere. We live in a rubbish dump,” says Nicolet. The family did not count on that when they bought the house for around 160,000 euros. Despite all the setbacks, the family remains positive.

Difficulties related to the purchased house accumulate in “I'm Leaving”: “After the purchase it turned out to be just a mirage”Read also

Water damage

They put their shoulders to the wheel, completely renovated the roof, treated the roof, and had all the tiles replaced. In short, this misery spoiled their entire planning. Ultimately, Nicolet and Ricardo were able to transform the guest house into something beautiful.

The viewer does not understand why the couple can remain so positive despite all the misery. 'Buying a “finca” in Spain for 160,000 euros and not knowing the structural condition of the house, because in Spain they are not big on structural inspections. BWhen I arrive I find a huge mess. This is another typical start for The role.' And: “I was badly scammed out of €160.00”, this is what it sounds like.

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