Johan Derksen is not impressed by Wood Wekhorst and is worried by his attitude

Johan Derksen is not impressed by Wood Wekhorst and is worried by his attitude

Johan Derksen once again expressed his opinion about Wout Weghorst on Today Inside. The Hoffenheim striker was on target twice for the Dutch national team last week, but it was mainly about his interview after his heroics in and against Ireland. NOSCorrespondent Jeroen Steklenburg. According to Derksen, Wekhorst always gives his all, but he definitely needs to take it easy after matches.

during the Tuesday evening broadcast Inside today At one point it was about the current generation of Dutch national team players. Host Wilfred Genie and regular faces Rene van der Gijb and Derksen admit there is some personality in the current Dutch squad. “You never have to interview a professional footballer again. Name a footballer who has clever lyrics or something good to say,” Derksen told van der Gijp. “They all make noise, but they say nothing of substance.”

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Derksen goes a long way in answering the above question. “Van Hanekhem, Kruijf… That was the generation I interviewed.” Van der Gijb still remembers one name: Denzel Dumfries. According to PSV’s former professional footballer, Dumfries was a ‘good’ player for the Dutch national team, having been very important for the Dutch team in both the home match against Greece and the visit to Ireland. Job Knoester also mentions Frenkie de Jong, who, according to him, is ‘not glamorous, but fun to listen to’.

Derksen can agree with that. He thinks De Jong is a ‘sympathetic’ guy. Derksen was unhappy with Virgil van Dijk. “A captain who speaks only clichés. Wout Weghorst actually looks like he wants to kill you even after the match is over. Who acts like you’re talking to the US Secretary of State. According to Knoester, this is how Weghorst should operate. “If Wood hadn’t been so crazy, he wouldn’t have achieved all this. That boy is crazy to act.

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“If you can’t play football well, you have to be crazy to do well,” Derksen echoed Noster’s words. “He does it purely out of dedication and passion. But after the match he can turn that button off again because he’s capable of knocking someone out in the parking lot.

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