Joe Biden (80 years old) stumbles and chatters increasingly –

Joe Biden (80 years old) stumbles and chatters increasingly –

Two huge mistakes in two days. Even for Joe Biden, this is often the case. The president is protected from public opinion as much as possible by his staff, because he must be well prepared before he can say anything without uttering incomprehensible words. But things often go wrong. In a speech this week, he enthusiastically addressed “Spanish-speaking politicians.” But he was addressing a group of black Policy.

A day earlier, Biden collided with the Brazilian flag during a press conference at the United Nations with President Lula da Silva and then forgot to shake the Brazilian leader’s hand as he left the stage. Lula looked visibly annoyed at the stupidity as Biden walked away.

Many Americans want Biden to retire at the end of this period – next year. Recent events will raise more questions about Biden’s age as he prepares for a difficult confrontation Re-election campaign. Critics point out that he will be approximately 82 on Election Day next year, and 86 by the time he finishes his second full term.

Recent polls show that three-quarters of Americans believe he is too old to seek a second term, including a majority of Democrats.

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