Is popcorn healthier than potato chips?

Is popcorn healthier than potato chips?

If you're sitting on the sofa this weekend watching a movie or series, there's a good chance your hand is regularly disappearing into a bag of potato chips or digging into a bowl of popcorn. But is popcorn healthier than potato chips, or does it even matter? We'll find out for you.

We recently told you why you can't stop after a few chips. Because let's face it: If you run the bag, it's going to be empty nine times out of ten.

popcorn vs. Chips: which is better?

The short answer is yes. Popcorn is generally healthier than potato chips. Then of course we're talking about the basic version of popcorn, not the version with a bowl of caramel poured over it, for example. Popcorn generally contains fewer calories, less fat, and more protein than potato chips. They contain few carbohydrates and often little more salt.

One note: Microwave popcorn generally contains more fat and salt, while ready-made sweet popcorn from the supermarket contains a lot of sugar… according to Nutritionist Amanda Holzer Due to the difference in calories, it's better to choose popcorn over potato chips, especially if you have trouble with serving size. She also confirms that popcorn contains more fiber, makes you feel full faster, and that it is better to avoid saturated fats in potato chips.

Here's one comparison Between a package (40 grams) of salted popcorn and pelvis Chips of the same weight (drag the table to see it in full):

popcorn Chips
Calories 202 216
Veterinarian Dr 10.8 grams (of which 2.1 grams are saturated) 13.4 grams (of which 3.6 grams are saturated)
Carbohydrates 20.9 grams (including 0.3 grams of sugar) 20.5 grams (including 0.2 grams of sugar)
Fibers 3.6 grams 1.6 grams
Egg white 3.4 grams 2.6 grams
salty 0.74 grams 0.45 grams
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